The Ultimate Price piano arr. Animenz ~ Violet Evergarden (Obsolete, see Description)

UPDATE: I obsoleted this video by re-recording with Garritan CFX.

The Ultimate Price, from Violet Evergarden, music by Evan Call, piano arranged by Animenz, played by Richard Yang on Yamaha N1X.

I’m still fairly new to Animenz’s music. By chance I listened to his latest cover, The Ultimate Price, the saddest theme from Violet Evergarden, and it was so beautiful I had to learn it right away. Since the music is pretty manageable in terms of difficulty, I bought the music on Saturday, recorded on Sunday, now released on Monday. Another day of practice would’ve elimiated a number of mistakes in here, but I wanted to experiement releasing the piece soon after Animenz just to see what happens.

Piano Lesson video will be available on 8/3.

Now, the music itself, following the opening theme, we go through a number of beautiful variations, each slightly more complex than the previous. The ending strongly resembles that of Schindler’s List. What’s curious is 0:58 where Animenz slowed down quite a bit. This was not marked on the sheet music, so I played it at the same tempo.

I am currently working on a good number of Animenz arrangements, I plan to start releasing these in October. Stay tuned.

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