Unravel ~ Tokyo Ghoul, piano arr. Animenz (at least I tried)

I decided to take a crack at Animenz’s mighty Unravel from Tokyo Ghoul. It’s no joke that @Animenz Piano Sheets came up with such a difficult Unravel piano arrangement. I personally never watched Tokyo Ghoul, but Unravel is just so legendary I had to play it! Although I have better takes than this in terms of number of mistakes, this was the first take where I got from the beginning through “the WALL” fairly clean (“The Wall” refers to the first crazy big jump section). When this happened, other mistakes no longer mattered, even a brain fart moment in the later half. While I am still working toward recording one with fewer mistakes, I thought to upload this precious take.

I usually learn new pieces very quickly. A normal piece can take me from 1 to 3 days. For difficult pieces, as comparison, I learned FFXV Omnis Lacrima in 1.5 weeks, Veiled in Black in 2 weeks. These were some of the most difficult pieces on this channel before now. And this piece is already sitting at 2.5 weeks (touch time, because I gave up for a month after the first 10 days). Another comparison, I recorded the complete Kingdom Hearts Field & Battle album in just 3 weeks. So you can imagine how difficult Unravel was to me. I need much more practice to be able to get through “the Wall” more reliably.

After I polish the piece I’ll release the final version. And I’ll also do a piano lesson video on this piece to help you shorten your journey on Unravel. I had to figure out too many things on my own. With some help, it would’ve been a bit less frustrating.

Overall, I think I’ve now joined the “I-Played-Unravel” club.

Also, if you ask why I didn’t record this on my new Yamaha N1X, two reasons: – With such clear recording quality, my mistakes are amplified! – The Yamaha N1X has heavier keys. It is actually quite tiring to play the Wall section (repeatedly). I’ll need to be more comfortable with the notes before trying to record on the N1X.

If you’re still reading, I’ve got some bonus stuff for you. Here’s a record of my progress:

2 hours: https://www.reddit.com/r/pianopractic…

Day 3: https://www.reddit.com/r/pianopractic…

Day 10: https://www.reddit.com/r/pianopractic…

Then I took a month break before resuming.

3 days before this recording: https://www.reddit.com/r/pianopractic…


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