My Dearest, piano arr. Animenz ~ Guilty Crown

This is the 2nd Animenz arrangement I recorded following Unravel. It is believed to be one of his top most difficult arrangements alongside Unravel. I listened to Animenz’s recordings from Guilty Crown, all are beautiful and they must be learned! I’m in the process of re-recording My Dearest on Garritan CFX for release after NieR, which might take a while. So I thought I might just as well release this interim take on the stock Yamaha N1X CFX sound.

Although this is nowhere as difficult as Unravel, it took so long to clean up the little details, about a month, even longer than Unravel (2.5 weeks), and this is still not perfect. There are too many little mistakes here and there that drove me crazy. But I think overall, the feel is there. So the next release would hopefully be better than this. At least the “sound” will be.

The reason why I didn’t record the latest version is simply because it’s too long. Today’s listeners do not have the same attention span as before. So I like things as short as possible.

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