Piano Arrangement: 有一位神 (There Is A God) by 讚美之泉 (Stream of Praise)

This is my piano arrangement of the wonderful Chinese Hymn – There Is A God (有一位神).

I don’t usually write down what I play, but I made an exception for this one.  I am contemplating on uploading my hymn arrangement once every Sunday.  What do you think?  If this is a good idea, or if you’re interested in the sheet music, please leave a comment down below and let me know.

You can find all of my hymn piano arrangements here.

UPDATE: 12/13/2020

If you would like the sheet music for the song as played, I’m going to use the Donation system.  Following your donation I will email you the PDF copy signed by me.  On the donation screen there’s a text field called “Write a note”, do leave me a quick note that the donation is for the sheet music.  I know it’s tempting to share the PDF with everybody.  But I’m hoping that you can help support me for the time to write down the music.  $2/ea should be very affordable.  Larger donations (>=$5) are always welcome, and I will have a dedicated section on this site to display your name as my way of saying Thank You.

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  1. This is a perfect example of COVID-related isolation fatigue. I mentioned possibly releasing a hymn transcription every Sunday only to realize that today is NOT Sunday.

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