Sheet Music Store

If you would like the sheet music for the Stream of Praise hymns as arranged and played by me, I use the Donation system. Each piece is C$2. Following your donation I will email you the PDF copy. On the donation screen there’s a text field called “write a note”, fill it with the name of the hymn you want the sheet music for. The list of hymns with sheet music is at the bottom of this page.


All of my piano arrangements are improvised. I write the music down after releasing the video. As such, the sheet music may not be available until some time after the initial release. I’m working on multiple hymns at once. If you like the sheet music for a certain hymn, please leave comments on the YouTube video page. If there’s enough interest, I will adjust my priority accordingly.

我所有的伴奏都是即興的。 我在視頻發佈後才把譜寫下來。因此,琴譜要等到初始發行後的一段時間才會有。 我同時在給很多首詩歌寫譜。 如果您對哪首特別喜歡,請在我YouTube視頻上留言。 如果有夠多的興趣,我會相應地調整優先。

I know it’s tempting to share the PDF with the world.  But in order to help support me for the time and effort to write down these music and for working on future arrangements, please don’t. Lastly, larger donations (>=$10) are always welcome.



Hymns with Sheet Music (有譜的詩歌)