Aladdin – Disney Recital Suite (arr. Phillip Keveren)

It’s unusual to associate Disney music with being difficult. But this one certainly is: Aladdin from the Disney Recital Suite by Phillip Keveren.

While this arrangement is not easy, it’s definitely doable with enough practice. However, I made the mistake by re-starting from the beginning every time I made a small mistake. After about 10 times doing the black-key glissando from the very beginning, I already got a blister on the back of my index finger, extremely painful (yes, I had to pop it). As much as I wanted to do a clean recording, with the blister in place, I just had to tough it out on my last take all the way to the end no matter what happened as my index finger could not take another black-key glissando. It’s unfortunate that the number of mistakes exceeded my own standard. But black-key glissando was/is painful!

For people who have followed this channel for a while, this is a good example of how I record my pieces. When I get to about 80%, the camera starts rolling. I just keep playing over and over, each time fixing a small trouble portion. Usually within 1 to 2 hours it’ll be up to 95%, which I would be okay with. On this piece, I took it from 80 to 85% in like 20 minutes, but my index finger was already done.

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