Piano Arrangement: 單單只為祢 (For You Alone) by 讚美之泉 (Stream of Praise)

This is my piano arrangement of 單單只為祢 (For You Alone) by 讚美之泉 (Stream of Praise).  This is a fast-paced hymn with upbeat accompaniment. This is a good example where if you don’t know what to do with your left hand, use the right hand to provide the rhythm.

I am unable to find even one YouTube video of someone doing this hymn on the piano. I would like to know how others would arrange this hymn for piano.


If you’re interested in the sheet music, please visit here.

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I will be posting my piano arrangement of a hymn every Sunday. If you have certain requests, please comment down below and I’ll make it happen.

You can find all of my hymn piano arrangements here.

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