Final Fantasy IX – Festival of the Hunt (Piano Opera)

This is a very difficult piece with lots of big jumps. To date, I can’t find a single recording on YouTube (other than original recording of course). I’ve got to say it’s one of the most difficult pieces to make a clean recording out of, especially at the speed I play at. I’ve tried playing at the original recording speed, which is a lot slower. Although it becomes quite playable but you lose that magic. Whenever possible, I try to match the in-game music tempo instead of the OST.

After I recorded the complete Final Fantasy Piano Collections, I discovered the Final Fantasy “Piano Opera”.  The “Piano Collections” appear to be so elementary compared to the “Piano Opera”.  My next project is to record the complete Piano Opera.  But this time I’ll take my time to make sure the pieces are more polished.  I’m hoping to release one piece each week.  Please stay tuned.

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