Final Fantasy XV – 01 Somnus – Dreaming of the Dawn

This is got to be the best opening theme in all of Final Fantasy Piano Collections. The tension buildup is incredible! My approach to the rhythm and dynamics is going to be controversial. My agitato starts as such, “agitato”. And before the next climax I chose mf instead of mp as I wanted it to sound “mean”. In the second half of the piece I wanted to go even bigger, but my piano was already giving everything it could. I was going to release FFXI and FFXIII first as I just started learning the FFXV, this being the first piece, but it’s just too beautiful/powerful I wanted to share with you now! It’s also because I’m way too late to the FFXV/Somnus party! Is the party already over?

FFXV Piano Collections undoubtedly is the most passionate and powerful compared to all others that came before it. There is zero filler piece in this album; every one is a favorite. Although the pieces are not easy to perfect, at least they are easier to learn than FFXIII since the flow of music just makes sense. After going through the whole book, surprisingly I find Starlit Waltz to be the most difficult, followed by Veiled in Black. Since I’m recording all the FF music in bulk, I typically just spend the equivalent of a few days on each piece from learning to recording. So you’ll have to forgive me on the minor mistakes. In most cases, the videos you see are the first time I get through the piece with acceptable number of mistakes that I can live with.

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