Final Fantasy XI (1st ed.) – 05 Battle Theme #2

This album is actually the first edition of the FFXI Piano Collections, the less popular one compared to the previous FFXI Piano Collections album I released (2nd edition). I originally got the music for this one first but couldn’t easily find any recording of any track, so I thought this must be the wrong set. But after I started releasing the 2nd-edition album, I was told by multiple FFXI fans to try this one out as well. So, for the sake of copmletion I recorded this whole album too.

FFXI Piano Collections apparently is not a popular one as there are so few recordings of these on YouTube other than the OST. The pieces are easier than the 2nd edition, but quite frankly they’re less sophisticated as well. The only piece that took a while to learn was the Moblin Menagerie-Movalpolos, where getting the right touch was not very straightforward. Outside of that, I learned about 3 pieces a day on average. The Federation of Windurst did take a while to record though. Overall, there are a lot of interesting chords, but sometimes they feel “forced”, sounding rather awkward.

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