Kingdom Hearts Field & Battle – 03 Wonderland’s Surprises

This piece is rightly named Wonderland’s Surprises. It has a pretty cute beginning, and a beautiful section in the middle, and a surprise run in minor a bit after that. I like this piece a lot because throughout the Kingdom Hearts Piano Collections, there’s pedaling everywhere! The main theme of this piece takes very little pedaling, which is refreshing.

I recorded the Field & Battle after the original Piano Collections. That was a great call because this album, to my surprise, is actually easier than the original Piano Collections. I usually associate “battle” with “fast” and “difficult”. Yes, some pieces are fast (i.e. A Very Small Wish – Monstrous Monstro), but the difficulty is much more manageable compared to the first album (i.e. Working Together, Hand in Hand, Riku were definitely more difficult by a good margin compared to the most difficult piece in this album, except for Monstrous Monstro in “A Very Small Wish). This album took me about 3 weeks from learning to recording. When my Yamaha N1X finally arrives (ordered in April, still not here today in mid-November!), I’m going to experiement with playing a single piece for 3 weeks instead of the full album in 3 weeks, which should result in professional-grade recording. I couldn’t do it now because my family would be driven CRAZY.

All of my videos are shot by the iPhone 12 Pro. Although it captures the sound fine without popping, etc, it does not capture dynamics well. Everything sounds pretty loud yet the bass does not sound louder when called for. So try to be forgiving on this poor man’s recordings. Also, it’s unfortunate that nothing I play is perfect, but should be pretty close and enjoyable otherwise.

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