Piano Lesson with Richard Yang – Sinister Sundown – Kingdom Hearts

This is a piano lesson video on Sinister Sundown from the Kingdom Hearts Field & Battle Piano Collections. This plays a bit like Hand in Hand, but much simpler. Here’s my recording of this piece.

In order to follow this video, you will need the sheet music, which can be easily found on Google. I will go through the sections A, B, C, etc as noted on the music. There’s no special video editing done on this. The purpose of this video is for me to transfer my knowledge and experience to you so you don’t have to start from scratch. The video is not meant to be particularly entertaining.

I plan to do these piano lesson videos on most of the Kingdom Hearts pieces. So stay tuned for more. If you do or do not like the format of these videos, I would appreciate if you can drop a comment down below to let me know so I can improve on the next one.

0:00 Introduction/Beginning
4:00 A/B
6:46 C/D
10:14 E/F/G/H
15:35 I/J/K


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