Complete Final Fantasy IV Piano Collections

Final Fantasy IV Piano Collections, music by Nobuo Uematsu, arranged by Shirou Satou, played by Richard Yang.

When I started my Final Fantasy recording marathon back in December of 2020, I thought FFIV was way too old and nobody would enjoy it, so I skipped it. After recording the complete Final Fantasy Piano Collections V to XV (except XII) and the complete Final Fantasy Piano Opera, I thought, why don’t I make everything complete. So I recorded both FFIV and FFXII. I now have the complete Final Fantasy Piano Collections IV to XV.

0:00 The Prelude
3:28 Theme of Love
6:59 Prologue
9:35 Welcome to Our Town
12:27 Main Theme
15:16 Chocobo-chocobo
17:44 Into the Darkness
22:21 Rydia
26:12 Melody of Lute
29:25 Golbeza Clad in the Dark
32:24 Troian Beauty
35:11 The Battle
41:09 Epilogue

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