Complete Final Fantasy VI Piano Collections

Final Fantasy VI Piano Collections, music by Nobuo Uematsu, arranged by Shirou Sagisu, played by Richard Yang.

I recorded the complete Piano Collections (FFV…X-2) back in the 2020 December COVID lockdown. After learning how to do “chapters” on videos I thought it’d be a good idea to group the complete album into a single video.

** below = my favorites

00:00 Tina**
03:08 Gau
04:57 Cefca
08:08 Spinach Rag
10:17 Stragus
13:06 The Mystic Forest
16:04 Kids Run Through the City Corner
18:39 Johnny C Bad**
22:25 Mystery Train
24:28 The Decisive Battle
27:02 Coin Song
30:13 Celes**
32:42 Waltz de Chocobo

Click here to go to the master index page for the Final Fantasy Piano Collections.

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