Complete Final Fantasy IX Piano Collections

Final Fantasy IX Piano Collections, music by Nobuo Uematsu, arranged by Shiro Hamaguchi, played by Richard Yang.

FFIX Piano Collections contains the most beautiful ending piece, Melodies of Life.

I recorded the complete Piano Collections (FFV…X-2) back in the 2020 December COVID lockdown. After learning how to do “chapters” on videos I thought it’d be a good idea to group the complete album into a single video.

** below = my favorites

00:00 Eternal Harvest**
02:47 Hermit's Library - Daguerro
06:31 The Place I'll Return To Someday
09:23 Vamo' alla flamenco**
11:50 Frontier Village Dali**
16:17 Bran Bal - The Village Without So
20:25 Endless Sorrow
23:00 You're Not Alone!**
26:19 Two Hearts That Can't Be Stolen**
29:53 Rose of May
33:00 Sleepless City Treno
34:59 Where Love Doesn't Reach
38:33 Final Battle**
42:06 Melodies of Life**

Click here to go to the master index page for the Final Fantasy Piano Collections.

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