Complete Final Fantasy XI Piano Collections

Final Fantasy XI Piano Collections, music by Naoshi Mizuta and Nobuo Uematsu, played by Richard Yang.

FFXI Piano Collections, while the music appears fairly simple, there’s a lot more to it than I thought. All the pieces actually require a lot more attention to the touch and pedaling. The arrangement is unlike any of the previous Piano Collections that I recorded. While these pieces are not as memorable as the previous ones, there’s a satisfying sophistication in each of the pieces.

I recorded the Piano Collections (FFV…X-2) back in the 2020 December COVID lockdown. Then the Piano Opera from late January to late March. FFXI and FFXIII were recorded right after, from April to early May. FFXI took about 2 weeks from learning to recording.

** below = my top 3 favorites

00:00 A New Horizon - Tavnazian Archipelago**
03:18 Ronfaure
08:25 The Grand Duchy of Jeuno
10:43 Whispers of the Gods
13:27 Stargazing**
16:35 Fated Strife - Besieged
18:28 Mercenaries' Delight
21:01 The Sanctuary of Zi-Tah
25:12 The Cosmic Wheel
28:50 Griffons Never Die
32:55 Wing of the Goddess**

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