Complete Kingdom Hearts Field & Battle Piano Collections

Kingdom Hearts Field & Battle Piano Collections, music by Yoko Shimomura, arranged by Natsumi Kameoka, Sachiko Miyano, and Hiroyuki Nakayama, played by Richard Yang.

I recorded the Field & Battle after the original Piano Collections. That was a great call because this album, to my surprise, is actually easier than the original Piano Collections. I usually associate “battle” with “fast” and “difficult”. Yes, some pieces are fast (i.e. A Very Small Wish – Monstrous Monstro), but the difficulty is much more manageable compared to the first album (i.e. Working Together, Hand in Hand, Riku were definitely more difficult by a good margin compared to the most difficult piece in this album, except for Monstrous Monstro in “A Very Small Wish). This album took me about 3 weeks from learning to recording. When my Yamaha N1X finally arrives (ordered in April, still not here today in mid-November!), I’m going to experiement with playing a single piece for 3 weeks instead of the full album in 3 weeks, which should result in professional-grade recording. I couldn’t do it now because my family would be driven CRAZY.

0:00 Scherzo Caprice on a Theme of Never Land
3:21 Sinister Sundown
6:18 Wonderland’s Surprises
10:04 Lazy Afternoons
13:38 Night of Fate
17:17 A Very Small Wish – Monstrous Monstro
20:43 Hollow Bastion
23:53 Medley of Conflict
27:46 Musique pour la tristesse de Xion

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