Complete Ghibli Studio Piano Collection, arr. Makiko Hirohashi

This series of music from Studio Ghibli is based on arrangements by Makiko Hirohashi. All the Ghibli Studio animated movies really capture our imagination and they bring so much of our childhood memories to life. The music is unbelievably beautiful that’s why I wanted to record these. Makiko Hirohashi’s arrangments are for intermediate level, not too easy nor difficult. You can purchase these on her website:

Note that “Take Me Home, Country Roads” is not included here due to copyright. You can find the single with the link at bottom of the page.

0:00 Bird Person ~ Valley of the Wind
3:22 Promise of the World ~ Howl’s Moving Castle
7:46 Stroll ~ My Neighbor Totoro
11:15 Therru’s Song ~ Tales from Earthsea
15:27 Summer of Goodbye ~ From Up on Poppy Hill
19:45 Valley of the Wind
23:53 Once in a While, Talk of the Old Days ~ Porco Rosso
34:09 Message by Rouge ~ Kiki’s Delivery Service
33:09 Path of the Wind ~ My Nieghbor Totoro
37:53 Princess Mononoke
38:28 Vapor Trail ~ The Wind Rises
43:12 Always with Me ~ Spirited Away
46:54 A Town with an Ocean View ~ Kiki’s Delivery Service
50:54 Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea
54:01 Arrietty’s Song
0:58:06 The Name of Life ~ Spirited Away
1:03:38 My Neighbor Totoro
1:06:33 The Legend of Ashitaka ~ Princess Mononoke
1:10:41 Become the Wind ~ The Cat Returns
1:14:36 Carrying You ~ Castle in the Sky
1:19:07 Nausicaa Requiem ~ Valley of the Wind
1:22:39 If I’ve Been Enveloped in Tenderness ~ Kiki’s Delivery Service
1:26:49 Reprise ~ Spirited Away
1:31:23 Merry-Go-Round ~ Howl’s Moving Castle

Click here to go to the master index page for the Ghibli Studio music I recorded.

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