Dependent Weakling ~ NieR Automata Piano Collections

Dependent Weakling, music by Kuniyuki Takahashi, arranged by Mariko Taguchi, transcribed by themrzakid, played by Richard Yang on Yamaha N1X with Garritan CFX.

Dependent Weakling is one of those difficult-sounding pieces. This arrangement by Zakid was the only one I could find at the time, which is not too accurate compared to the OST, but it does retain the excitement. Rach3master released a very accurate version. If he ever releases his transcription, I’ll record it

The difficult parts are just the beginning and the ending. The notes are not difficult, but getting the right sound on those accent notes was definitely tricky. Contrary to “The Tower”, which I believe must be recorded on a digital piano, this one I actually recommend recording on a grand. The beginning accent notes actually sound much more natural on a grand than my Yamaha N1X.

NieR Automata Piano Collections is even better than the Gestalt & Replicant album I released previously. The pieces are slightly more difficult and sophisticated. It is unfortunate that Square Enix did not release the official sheet music for this album for some unknown reason. My recording is based on transcriptions that I could find (by zakid and rach3master; Bipolar Nightmare is the only piece I could not find a proper transcription to record). Since these are transcriptions, they might not be 100% identical to the OST recordings. Unless something was particularly out-of-place, I followed the sheet music primarily. Such a beautiful album must be recorded with the best quality of sound; how else to do it but to record with Garritan CFX VST, no more crappy iPhone mic!

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