Gods Bound by Rules ~ NieR Gestalt & Replicant Piano Collections

Gods Bound by Rules – NieR Gestalt & Replicant Piano Collections, music by Keiichi Okabe, arranged by Kumi Tanioka, played by Richard Yang on Yamaha N1X with Garritan CFX.

I originally recorded the piece with the stock CFX sound on Yamaha N1X (link HERE) before re-recording with Garritan CFX. You can hear the huge difference in sound quality!

“Gods Bound by Rules” is a difficult-sound piece. I’ve read someone rating this as the most difficult in this album. I found Ashes of Dreams to be more difficult only because I don’t natively play Jazz. This one the difficulty is due to the big jumps near the end. The good thing is that this is in C minor, which is somewhat jump-friendly. This is extremely satisfying to play!

NieR Gestalt & Replicant Piano Collections is such a beautiful album with mostly intermediate arrangements. It is so beautiful I had to wait until I got my Yamaha N1X to record the album with direct audio instead of my regular set up with the iPhone mic. This album is considerably easier than the NieR Automata album, which I will release after this one. But being easier does not take the beauty away from the music. Some of the favorite tracks are Song of the Ancients, Grandma, Gods Bound by Rules, and Ashes of Dreams.

Click here to go to the master index page for the NieR music I recorded.

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