Bios (10th Anniversary ver.) piano arr. Animenz ~ Guilty Crown

Bios, 10th Anniversary Version, from Guilty Crown, music by Hiroyuki Sawano, piano arranged by Animenz​⁠​⁠​⁠​⁠​⁠​⁠, played by Richard Yang on Yamaha N1X with Garritan CFX VST.

Guilty Crown (My Dearest) was actually the very first release recorded on my Yamaha N1X sometime back. Since then, I did Departures, and here we are, BIOS. This is indeed a very beautiful and powerful piece. I found this to be technically very challenging. But this is a bit more playable than Animenz’s original Bios arrangement, which features gangster octave jumps. I might record that one in the future if I can find the time (and energy).

Quite honestly, if you’re one who can eventually play this piece, you know exactly how to get there. Otherwise, I think it’s a bit too difficult for intermediate and below. As such, there’s no plan for piano lesson on this one. The technical stuff alone can take a few hours to talk through.

0:00 Slow Beginning
2:18 Faster
3:38 Great Part 1
4:37 4-Hand
5:39 Great Part 2
6:56 Slow Ending

As with all of my performances, I have my own interpretation, so the tempo, dynamics, etc may feel quite different from the original recording. Simply put, I play the way I like it.

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