Magsafe for ANY Phone Beyond iPhone 12

Magsafe for ANY Phone

By now you have read too many reviews and user stories on the new iPhone 12 Magsafe ecosystem.  At time of this writing there aren’t too many Magsafe-compatible accessories out there yet except for Apple’s own Magsafe charger, cases, wallet, and pretty much the same things made by smaller manufacturers.  They all have one thing in common: you need an iPhone 12!

Magsafe on ANY Phone

What if you are not ready yet to drop the big bucks on this gorgeous new phone, or if you have an Android phone?  I came across this listing on Amazon that, at a minimum, will allow you to experiment Magsafe with ANY phone, not just the iPhone 12.

This is a simple ring of magnets designed to match the iPhone 12 Magsafe system, except you can now put this on the back of any case for use with any phone.

Obviously, if you do not have an iPhone 8 and above, or if your phone does not already have wireless charging capability, this does not magically enable your phone for wireless charging.  But it WILL allow you to make use of other Magsafe accessories.

If you want to use this little piece of addon to bring you the Magsafe wireless charging experience, you will need to place this at the center of the case to ideally line up with the wireless charging coils inside you phone.

Other Consideration

Another consideration is that this little piece is going to add some bulk between the back of your phone and the case.  It is safe to say that this ring of magnets may not be compatible with all cases.  As such, you will have much better luck with a silicon or other softer type cases.


If you don’t have an iPhone 12, but you want to enjoy or even just experiment with the Magsafe experience, this little piece will turn ANY phone to become Magsafe-compatible.  The price at $16.97 CAD makes this a no-brainer.  Even if you just buy one to try it out, it won’t cost you an arm and leg.  If you’re interested, I’ve linked the Amazon page below.  Check it out!

Price: CDN$ 16.97 + CDN$ 5.54 shipping

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