These are the best travel gadgets in 2021

These are the best travel gadgets in 2021

This year has been a huge improvement from last when it comes to traveling. Now that you can move around more, you have to consider the best essential to take along with you. Gadgets are an important part of traveling and choosing the right ones can often be complicated and time-consuming. But with tech constantly advancing, the new travel gadgets in 2021 are rising trends that are either already well know soon to be. So here are some of the best travel gadgets.

Wireless Magnetic Power Bank

Wireless Power Bank

This is the PRO battery pack. Created in early 2021 by LuxandLuxy. It has a 10k mAh battery capacity and delivers 15W wireless fast charging. The best wireless power bank money can buy. It’s extremely light and easy to carry around while you’re on the go. It weighs only 5.6 oz (an iPhone 12 weighs 5.7 oz). The PRO battery pack is also able to charge through a USB connector with fast charging of up to 20W. The USB port is Type C and acts as both input and output.
The PRO battery pack has magnetic capabilities. So it can easily snap behind your phone while you walk around with it. The material feels smooth and would feel comfortable on the palm of your hand.

Weight: 5.6 oz
Wireless fast charging: 15W
Wired fast charging: 20W
Capacity: 10,000 mAh


Wireless Power Bank 2

In today’s world, a cell phone is one of the most important items in everyday life, especially during vacation. This wireless portable charger allows you to rest assured that you won’t miss that important once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity. This power bank would charge two devices at once. You can be charging your tablet through the cable while also charging your Airpods wirelessly at the same time. Traveling with this wireless portable charger means fewer cables taking up space in your bag.

Nintendo Switch

Nintando Switch

If you don’t own a Nintendo Switch, you should get one. It has been out for many years and has brought with it a huge catalog of games from both first and third parties. The Nintendo Switch Lite came out in 2019. It’s as good as the regular Nintendo switch, except that it can’t be plugged into your TV for big-screen gaming. Even though the Lite is cheaper, the Regular has the versatility of being able to “switch” back and forth from portable to plugged, hence the name Nintendo ‘Switch’. The Switch has revolutionized portable gaming and is still worth a buy to date. The Switch is the only real portable system on the 2021 market right now.

Phone Kickstand

Phone Kickstand

It’s nice to be able to prop your phone up while on a flight. So you’ll be able to watch movies on the TV and have your hands free when your drinking or snacking. This kickstand is something that will be useful for the long term. It’s small and compact for you to travel. You no longer have to DIY a phone holder with a business card. The compact form factor of this kickstand enables you to stick it in your wallet, instead of your travel bag.



Give this a try, over your big noisy over-ear headphones. You may get better noise canceling with headphones but they’re too big and bulky. For quick travel, nothing beats compact-sized wireless earbuds. Airpods sound great and most people have no issues with the longevity of the battery life. In case you still want to enjoy noise canceling, you could get the Airpods Pro. Both these earbuds are a good fit to use around the city, as well as travel.

Kobo Forma

E-readers have decreased in popularity over the years. The only E-reader that most people know about is the Kindle series from Amazon. But the Kobo Form outdoes the Kindle’s best. For example, it has an 8-inch screen, using Mobius’s new carbon technology. Which means the display is flexible. It has a very fast refresh speed. And it has a color adjustment option which is nice when you’re reading books s at night. The battery life is so much better than Kindle. It is also unbelievably white. You can also rent books from your local library for free because it has inbuilt overdrive support.


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