Complete Final Fantasy Piano Opera

Final Fantasy Piano Opera, music by Nobuo Uematsu, arranged by Hiroyuki Nakayama, played by Richard Yang.

Due to COVID and a lot more time at home, I spent about a month to record the complete Piano Collections from V to X-2. After that I discovered the Final Fantasy “Piano Opera”. I was thoroughly impressed by the variety, musical complexity and technical difficulty of these pieces and I decided that I must record them all!

On YouTube, other than the original recording, I haven’t seen any channel with more than ~10 pieces from the Piano Opera series. I might be the first amateur pianist to record all of these. I learned and recorded the complete series between late January to late March of 2021, roughly 2 months. It should be record time for learning 37 pieces at this difficulty. It’s unfortunate that nothing I play is perfect, but should be pretty close and enjoyable otherwise.

0:00:00 Prelude ~ Opening (FFI)
0:03:26 Main Theme (FFI)
0:06:41 Town Medley (FFI-II-III)
0:10:19 Gurgu Volcano (Mount Gulg) (FFI)
0:12:35 Matoya’s Cave (FFI)
0:15:21 Main Theme (FFII)
0:19:27 Rebel Army Theme (FFII)
0:22:17 Tower of the Magi (FFII)
0:25:16 Battle Medley (FFI-II-III)
0:30:28 The Boundless Ocean (FFIII)
0:33:32 Into the Crystal Cave (FFIII)
0:36:40 Eternal Wind (FFIII)
0:39:51 This is the Last Battle (FFIII)
0:41:54 Main Theme (FFIV)
0:45:23 Sorrows of Parting (FFV)
0:48:37 Protect the Espers (Save Them) (FFVI)
0:51:22 Red Wings ~ Kingdom Baron (FFIV)
0:55:21 Searching for Friends (FFVI)
0:58:55 Home, Sweet Home (FFV)
1:01:57 Kefka (FFVI)
1:04:41 Theme of Love (FFIV)
1:08:05 Main Theme (Ahead on Our Way) (FFV)
1:11:10 Clash on the Big Bridge (Battle with Gilgamesh) (FFV)
1:14:09 Dancing Mad (FFVI)
1:23:14 Troian Beauty (FFIV)
1:26:12 Ami (FFVIII)
1:29:49 Fight On (Those Who Fight Further) (FFVII)
1:32:26 Cosmo Canyon (FFVII)
1:35:03 The Man with the Machine Gun (FFVIII)
1:38:04 Not Alone (FFIX)
1:41:17 Liberi Fatali (FFVIII)
1:44:16 Words Drowned by Fireworks (FFVII)
1:47:27 Festival of the Hunt (FFIX)
1:50:22 Force Your Way (FFVIII)
1:53:21 Roses of May (FFIX)
1:57:26 Opening ~ Bombing Mission (FFVII)
2:01:31 Melodies of Life (FFIX)

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