Change the World piano arr. Animenz ~ Inuyasha

Change the World, from Inuyasha, music by Miki Watanabe, piano arranged by Animenz, played by Richard Yang on Yamaha N1X with Garritan CFX VST.

After conquering another one of Animenz’s Top 10 Most Difficult (Sayonara Memories), I needed a somewhat easier piece of music to balance things out. Change the World has some fairly tricky 3-hand passages. But it starts to make sense pretty quickly. This plays “slightly” easier than it sounds. Interesting finding, Animenz’s performance is at I believe 116 or so, while the sheet music marking is 123. I didn’t realize this until after the recording, wondering why mine is so much shorter.

As with all of my performances, I have my own interpretation, so the tempo, dynamics, etc may feel quite different from the original recording. Simply put, I play the way I like it.

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