Vogel im Käfig piano arr. Animenz ~ Attack on Titan

Vogel im Käfig, from Attack on Titan, music by Hiroyuki Sawano, piano arranged by Animenz, played by Richard Yang on Yamaha N1X with Garritan CFX VST.

The first time I listened to 4:54 till the end, I knew I had to learn this piece. It is big, passionate, and it sure is glorious! Obviously I spent quite a few days on the last page, especially the arpeggio at 5:40. For the longest time I didn’t think it was possible to play this with ease; until I deliberately tried to re-do the fingering from scratch instead of just using my intuition from sightreading. I was enlightened! You just need the right fingering to make it work. So don’t be discouraged by the fast arpeggios. With my piano lesson coming up next week, soon you can play this too!

Piano Lesson video will be available on 11/24.

As with all of my performances, I have my own interpretation, so the tempo, dynamics, etc may feel quite different from the original recording. Simply put, I play the way I like it.

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