Final Fantasy II – Rebel Army Theme (Piano Opera)

This is my personal favorite from the Piano Opera. You don’t even need to like Final Fantasy to enjoy this piece, which has everything! It has marching, slow and beautiful section, fast octaves, and a thrilling ending! I set the tempo from the game music, which is much faster than the original recording of this piece. If you play it at the original recording tempo, it’s not too bad. But at this tempo, the octaves are pretty fast.

After I recorded the complete Final Fantasy Piano Collections, I discovered the Final Fantasy “Piano Opera”.  The “Piano Collections” appear to be so elementary compared to the “Piano Opera”.  My next project is to record the complete Piano Opera.  But this time I’ll take my time to make sure the pieces are more polished.  I’m hoping to release one piece each week.  Please stay tuned.

Click here to go to the master index page for the Final Fantasy Piano Opera.

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