Piano Lesson with Richard Yang – Merry Go-Round of Life ~ Howl’s Moving Castle, arr. Animenz

This is a piano lesson video on Merry Go-Round of Life from Howl’s Moving Castle, arranged by Animenz.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Fingering I gave in section “I” for the chromatic thirds is not correct. I found out after recording the lesson. I’ve amended the correct fingering at the end of the video (37:55).

Here’s my recording of Merry Go-Round of Life.

In order to follow this video, you will need the sheet music from Animenz’s sheet music store.

0:00 Beginning / A
3:18 B 8:03 C
11:52 D / E
15:46 F
17:59 G
20:16 H / I
24:10 J-L
27:11 M...Ending
37:55 Fingering Correction for Section I


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