Final Fantasy X-2 – 11 Epilogue ~Reunion~

Here is Final Fantasy X-2 – 11 Epilogue ~Reunion~.  This completes my project of recording all 93 songs from the Final Fantasy Piano Collections V…X-2.  Thank you all very much for putting up with the daily post for the last 3 months.  It’s now over.  Or, is it?

Back in late January after recording all Piano Collections, I discovered the Final Fantasy “Piano Opera”.  These are of a completely different level in terms of technical difficulty and musicality.  No longer can I learn and record any piece in the same hour.  Even the easiest pieces take a few hours to be ready for recording, and the most difficult ones take weeks! Starting on 3/18, I’ll be releasing 2 pieces from the Piano Opera each week.  To date I’ve recorded 28 out of 37.  2/wk should give me time to finish learning the remaining 9.  I’ve pretty much run out of easy pieces.  The remaining ones are very difficult!

If you haven’t done so already, please do subcribe to my YouTube channel so you can be notified when I release new music.  Always drop some comments when you like/dislike something.  Any encouragement is greatly appreciated.

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