Complete Final Fantasy XV Piano Collections

Final Fantasy XV Piano Collections, music by Yoko Shimomura, arranged by Sachiko Miyano and Natsumi Kameoka, played by Richard Yang.

FFXV Piano Collections undoubtedly is the most passionate and powerful compared to all others that came before it. There is zero filler piece in this album; every one is a favorite. I did, however, get a lot of feedback on the recording quality.

All of my videos are shot by the iPhone 12 Pro. Although it captures the sound fine without popping, etc, it does not capture dynamics well. Everything sounds pretty loud yet the bass does not sound louder when called for. So try to be forgiving on this poor man’s recordings.

I recorded the Piano Collections (FFV…X-2) back in the 2020 December COVID lockdown. Then the Piano Opera from late January to late March. FFXI and FFXIII were recorded right after, from April to early May. FFXV took about 5 weeks from learning to recording, early May to June; this took the longest time compared to all Piano Collection albums. This concludes my Final Fantasy recording marathon. Unless something new comes out, this marks the end of my Final Fantasy journey.

** below = my top 3 favorites

00:00 Somnus - Dreaming of the Dawn
03:29 Sorrow without Solace - Of Bygone Days
07:56 Valse di Fantastica - Waltzing amid Moonbeams**
10:59 Stand Your Ground - Illusions of the Morn
14:34 Luna - Blest be the Moonlight
18:11 Veiled in Black - Drunk on Darkness**
21:45 Starlit Waltz - In Celestial Circles
24:40 Noctis - Serenade Fantastique for Piano
28:46 Omnis Lacrima - Rulings and Revelations**
32:22 Apocalypsis Noctis - Shadows Foretold

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